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Transform Your Sales Process With Purpose-Built SCPQ for Fluid Handling Equipment

Fluid equipment manufacturing is only getting more complex, but a new generation of advanced software can help you wrangle the growing challenges of configuration and quoting. If you’re still using spreadsheets and other tedious manual processes, customers could overlook you in favor of more efficient suppliers.

Select, configure, price, quote (SCPQ) software unifies the entire sales process so effectively, it can cut cycle times by as much as 70%. What exactly can this solution do for you? 

In “The Ultimate Guide to SCPQ,” you’ll learn:

  • What you risk by keeping your cumbersome sales process the same
  • How SCPQ can transform your company
  • Why purpose-built SCPQ for the fluid industry is better than standard CPQ
  • What to look for in the ideal SCPQ solution


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