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Price and Quote Configurable Products Faster with eRep CPQ

eRep empowers manufacturers and distributors that need to simplify their complex quote-to-order processes with a modern cloud platform. eRep CPQ enables sales teams to accurately quote faster and sell smarter while accelerating growth with faster sales rep on-boarding, enhanced business intelligence, and improved customer experience.

  • Generate Quotes 75% Faster

  • Improve Order Accuracy by 50%

  • Increase Sales by 30%

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There's Nothing eRep Can't Configure

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  • Faster, more accurate quotes and forecasting data
  • Improved sales rep productivity
  • Fewer order mistakes and reduced costs
  • Rules-based, data-driven pricing

Quote Faster and Sell Smarter

eRep CPQ Software combines business rules, pricing rules, and product selection rules into a single repository to deliver real-time data to multi-channel sales teams.

Pricing & Configuration

  • Centralize and Push Price Changes Instantly
  • Handles Simple to Very Complex Pricing Rules
  • Generate Smart Order String
  • Segment Options into Groups
  • Show Dependencies On-Screen
  • Rules Run in Real-Time As Each Option is Selected
  • Prevents Sales Teams from Making Mistakes

Quoting & Ordering

  • Fast Quotes and Accurate, Authorized Orders
  • Pass Order String Nomenclature to ERP
  • Special Engineering Requests Workflow
  • Orders and BOMs flow to your ERP

Document Configurator Included

  • Export to PDF or Word
  • Sales Sheets, Technical, Drawings, Specs, and More
  • Unique Job Specification Builder
  • Dynamic Document Generation Based on Selected Options

Advanced Reporting and Forecasting

  • Role-Based Reporting
  • Schedule Automatic Report Delivery
  • Generate Sales, Marketing, and Operations Reports
  • Combine Reports and Charts Into Dashboards
  • Improve Business Decision Making

Powerful Integrations

eRep helps keep your data accurate, updated, and readily available with an open API and integrations with CRM, ERP, and MRP systems.


What Our Clients Are Saying

eRep is trusted by 30,000+ users at small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.

"[eRep] allows for easy sorting, price grouping discounts, and order placement to our ERP system. The support system has exceeded expectations. The team is very knowledgable and offers solutions to improve the process."


Patti C., Aftermarket Manager

"[eRep] streamlined our selection, drawing and submittal process, helping improve productivity by our inside sales engineers and made it real easy for our customers and representatives to do selections."


Mazen A., V.P. Sales and Marketing

"A very intuitive interface allows easy adaptation and usage. Smart programming minimizes response time so you are not waiting on the program to refresh as you move around...eRep is quick and simple to maintain; changes can be made and pushed out immediately."


Tony L., V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Make Complex Selling Easier and Win

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