Configure. Price. Quote. Done.

Fluid Equipment Handling Manufacturers: Open the Sales Floodgates With SCPQ Software

Still using complex spreadsheets and database programs — or worse, heavy price books and catalogs? These tools may be reliable, but they draw out your sales cycle time. Customers are moving on to more tech-savvy suppliers. SCPQ (Select, Configure, Price, Quote) software can completely transform sales from a slow, inefficient grind to a robust, empowered revenue driver. 

In our new guide to digital transformation for fluid equipment handling manufacturers, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges customers face when choosing product configurations and meeting Pump Energy Index requirements
  • The financial and reputable risks manufacturers face by sticking to outdated processes
  • The importance of consolidating vendors with a single SCPQ solution
  • How Revalize software reduces quote times from days to just hours



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