Find Rebate-Eligible Products on AQ through Energy Solutions' Instant Rebates! Program


Earn Incentives and Save Your Customers Money on Thousands of Eligible Products Listed on AQ

Now you can offer instant point-of-sale rebates to your customers through AQ. You can easily find rebates offered through utility energy efficiency programs that can save you and your customers money.

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What are the benefits?

Participating dealers can offer high-quality, energy-efficient equipment to their customers for less.

  • Instant rebates at the point-of-sale can increase your sales of high-margin, energy-efficient equipment
  • No paperwork and instant point-of-sale rebates increase customer satisfaction and participation
  • You’ll receive a sales spiff for each eligible high-efficiency product discounted at the point-of-sale
  • Sales spiff and full rebate repayment are paid within an average of two weeks from application approval
  • The streamlined online tool makes it easy to submit applications individually or in a batch format and to track payments 

How it works:

When you build a project in AQ, look for energy-efficient equipment with a "Rebates" badge and check availability in your customer’s area. You pass along the savings to your customer and earn incentives for each high-efficiency product you sell. Rebates and incentives are paid within two weeks of application approval.

Who is eligible?

Any commercial customer whose installation address is in a sponsoring utility’s territory is eligible for a rebate on qualified products.  Only participating dealers can offer these rebates to their customers. If you’re not already a participating dealer, it’s easy to enroll.

How do I become a participating dealer?

Enrolling is simple. When you see a Rebates badge on a product click the link to find a program near you and follow the enrollment instructions. We’ll be in touch quickly to help you get signed up.

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